5 reasons your SME should switch to unified communications

5 reasons your SME should switch to unified communications

Mise à jour le February 1, 2021

Cloud telephony offers small and medium-sized businesses new tools and applications to meet their communications needs.

In addition to telephony, unified communications incorporate other technologies that help increase your employees’ productivity. These technologies and apps were once limited to large companies; now they’re helping SMEs to perform better, while simplifying their internal and external communications.

Discover five advantages in moving your SME to unified communications.

1. A significant financial benefit

Unified communications are known to be less expensive than a traditional wired system. It allows you to save considerably through a number of factors, such as lower long-distance costs or the ability to use multiple channels. Plus, internal IT support is not necessary with unified communication.

Additionally, unified communications require less equipment and therefore less space. As a result, energy consumption is reduced, as are the costs associated with it. Deciding to move your company to unified communications could lead to reducing your telecommunications equipment by half, or more in some cases. As a result, the costs of implementation and infrastructure are greatly reduced.

2. Enjoy the flexibility

One advantage of unified communications is that it adapts to the changing needs of your business as it grows or slows down. Its flexible technology adjusts easily to business seasonality and the impact it has on your SME. In other words, you don’t need to buy additional equipment or make plans for replacements. Simple updates, carried out remotely by your supplier, are all you need to adapt your unified communications to the various changes in your business.

3. Increase your productivity

Unified communications offer much more than IP telephony. This solution also includes email, voicemail, fax number, web conferencing, audio and video functionalities, and instant messaging.

Since all these tools are on the same platform, employees can quickly and easily change their means of communication, without having to open a new application. Plus, unified communications allow you to contact someone without disturbing them in their task and to use the most appropriate means to reach them based on their workload.

4. Mobility

Unified communications also give employees easy access to all their communications tools, even when they’re on the go or out of the office, whether it's via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. In addition to being easily reachable, they can respond quickly to messages or emails sent to them.

5. Personalization

Whether your employees are mainly sedentary or mobile, unified communications adapt to your business. Mobile employees will have easy access to all their work tools anytime, anywhere, with the device of their choice. Your business becomes more flexible, and you can communicate with your various stakeholders as effectively as if you were in the office.

If you have a business that is operating internationally, unified communications will allow all your employees to use the same tools while greatly simplifying the IT management and servicing of these tools.

Unified communications for your business

Unified communications and their advanced technologies should become an essential part of your communication strategy given their reliability and lower costs versus traditional strategies.

If your SME does not already have unified communications, you should consider adding this option to your communication strategy. In doing so, you’ll increase employee productivity while benefiting from a platform that brings all your communication tools together in one place. Additionally, your employees will be able to work effectively even while on the go or teleworking. Finally, you’ll enjoy substantial savings by unifying your business communications and benefiting from a flexible and customizable solution.

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