6 reasons to choose OMNItotal for your IP telephony needs

6 reasons to choose OMNItotal for your IP telephony needs

Mise à jour le November 26, 2020

So, you’re ready to make the leap and switch to IP telephony, a technology that uses an Internet connection to transmit voice around the world. When it comes to business, communication is the key to success. That's why you need the best technology to stay connected to your customers, suppliers and partners. But which provider should you choose? Before settling on a choice, learn more about the great features OMNItotal offers.

OMNIconnect management portal

The OMNIconnect online management portal puts an array of analysis and collaboration tools at your disposal that makes it easy to master not only the telephony and telecommunications system, but the related OMNItotal service features as well. Simple, intuitive and flexible, the portal also includes a set of dashboards, detailed reports and centralized indicators that let you manage the effectiveness of your company's communications on your own. You don't need to be an expert to manage your business phone system effectively. The intuitive user interface allows you to perform a host of operations on all your company's communications with just a few clicks.

Contact center

The OMNItotal contact center is a complete, OMNItotal IP telephony-based solution that lets you offer exceptional customer service while maximizing your agents' productivity. For instance, incoming calls can be routed to your agents according to specific criteria you determine (e.g., language, expertise, location) or based on strategies that are tailored to your operations. Our call answering service offers the “Call back” option, which allows a customer to hang up without losing their place in the queue. You'll also get real-time statistics, detailed reports on abandoned calls and data about wait times. Finally, a variety of dashboards and call logging options will help you be more productive.


Contact center


CRM telephone integration

Integrate the OMNItotal telephone service with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications such as Zoho or Salesforce to achieve a specific business purpose for each call in just a few simple steps. Thanks to these easy and reliable integrations, you can automate call recording, obtain contextualized call information and generate comprehensive call reports. One-click dialling, calling cards, callback features, customizing your customer service and call analysis are just some of the benefits of pairing OMNItotal service with a modern CRM system.

Get access to everything you need to keep your team performing at its best.


CRM telephone integration


An API that interfaces with your applications

Integrate the power of the OMNItotal telecommunications service with your applications using a modern and complete REST API (Application Programming Interface) that makes programmatic interactions possible. You can link your business management and planning software to the data your communication activities yield. You can also program OMNItotal's various telephone features. Finally, thanks to our easy-to-use APIs, you'll have an innovative and adapted tool at your fingertips to optimize your resources and procedures.



Mobile platforms: Callthru

Callthru, a mobile application unique to OMNIVIGIL, makes mobile communications easier and reduces your long-distance costs. When you contact your customers while on the road using your personal cell phone, the call can be routed through your business account so that the customer sees your business number displayed. Moreover, the application keeps a call log and offers call transfer and recording features. Finally, you can keep track of your sales and customer service teams while on the road through their cellular calls.


Mobile platforms: Callthru


OMNIalert features

As an OMNItotal customer you can subscribe to OMNIalert services. One of many OMNIalert features, automation, can help meet your productivity needs. The days of calling your customers one by one are over! With this platform, you can automate all types of appointment confirmations, including product deliveries. You can also connect with your customers based on their communication preferences: SMS, email, phone call, automatic Twitter or Facebook post, browser notifications, etc. OMNIalert also lets you manage your work teams' availability and scheduling with an optional replacement module that makes it possible for your employees to find replacements amongst themselves without the need for you to intervene.

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