Discover the Callthru mobile application

Discover the Callthru mobile application

Mise à jour le February 1, 2021

OMNITOTAL's corporate IP telephony service comes with a mobile application called Callthru, which simplifies mobile communications while keeping the professional experience of the corporate phone service. It is simple to install, configure and use.

With this easy-to-use tool, you can reach your customers while you are on the road using your personal cell phone while displaying your business number.  The advantage of Callthru is that the application uses the cellular network and not the LTE. This means that a confined contractor can receive or make calls from his office number regardless of whether he is at his cottage, in a restricted area, or at his office. In fact, this cellular bridge offers a remarkably robust connection, so you can travel by car without any loss of signal.

Another highly appreciated feature is the ability to use the Callthru phone with your mobile device and take advantage of all our star and pound options, including the ability to record the conversation for quality control purposes.

Main features

  • Quick and easy installation and setup
  • Control over the number and name displayed to the people you call
  • Works on all calls from your phone's address book
  • Works on all calls from your phone keypad
  • Direct access to your company's extensions
  • Detailed call log from your phone's call log
  • Android and iPhone compatible

The most recent update

The internal contact directory, which already enabled you to intercom as if you were at the office, is now even more convenient with the new update (version 4.0.1). Indeed, the application still displays two contact directories, the " Business " directory which lists the internal extension numbers of your company and the " Personal " directory which lists the phone numbers of your external contacts. From now on, the " Business " directory allows you to know the availability status of the company's internal extensions. If the icon in front of your colleague's name is green, it means that he is available. If the icon is orange, your colleague is currently dialing and finally, if the phone is red, the caller is already on the line and therefore not available. For example below, Boris is currently dialing or waiting for the caller to answer; David, Felix and Gabriel are available, while Christian and Claude are already on the phone.

Setup Procedure

You need to download the application or the latest update from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store  according to your device type.  

A complete setup procedure and user guide can be found here.

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