How can a softphone impact your business?

How can a softphone impact your business?
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Mise à jour le November 26, 2020

You can now carry a device in your bag that doubles as a telephone and a computer! A softphone puts a world of technological advantages in your company's fingertips.

As easy to use as a mouse and keyboard!

A softphone is an application that enables the transmission or reception of telephone calls over the Internet via VoIP. With a headset or WebCam, you can make and receive calls using the keyboard on your screen: it's as simple and easy as using a cellphone! All you need to do is install the software on your tablet, mobile or laptop (e.g., Bria Mobile) and you're ready to go.



Cost-effective all around

A softphone not only yields savings on regular telephone costs but also saves space. No more need for a telephone on your desk; everything happens through the screen! Is a new employee joining your company? Does another want to work remotely? Is a software update available? With a softphone, your telephone system becomes easy to scale and evolves with the technology to meet your needs. Moreover, the software provides access to various contact databases. Whether you want to access a customer or company database or monitor the status of other users (present, absent, in a meeting, online, etc.), the software helps you make the most of your time.

A dedicated mobile phone line anytime, anywhere

Employees who travel can stay connected to your company's phone system from anywhere. They no longer have to use their personal cellphone. A softphone gives them access to a reliable connection to make and receive business calls at any time, as if they were physically in your office. As a bonus, your partners and customers will see and need to remember only one number: your company’s.



Greater efficiency

A softphone offers a variety of options to facilitate teamwork on your various projects, including audio or video conferencing, integration with your contacts or your favourite CRM, easy-to-transmit text messages, and simplified access and use of voice mail. You can record calls or forward them to a colleague, receive voicemail messages by email and much more! No more need for paper customer records; as soon as you communicate with a customer, you can access their profile on the screen. In this way, information flows quickly and smoothly.



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