Say Goodbye to Customer Complaints Over the Phone

Say Goodbye to Customer Complaints Over the Phone

Mise à jour le June 2, 2021


Customer service is the backbone of any business, regardless of size or industry. By providing quality customer service, you not only increase customer satisfaction, but you also gain loyal customers to your business while gaining a positive reputation in your industry.

Have you ever wondered how to improve your customer service? You should start by improving your company's communication. There are many communication channels such as email, social media, chat and phone calls. But do you know which one sticks out? It is phone calls.  Indeed, telephone contact remains an important element of customer service. It is still often the first thing that comes to mind when a customer is looking for information or assistance. It is therefore essential to be able to reach you easily and quickly in order to maximize the customer experience. Needless to say, the last thing you want is to have complaints about your customer service over the phone. Here are a few tips to help you improve the quality of customer service in your company.

Minimize missed calls

It is very frustrating for customers when they can't reach you - not to mention the risk of loss to the business. With the call forwarding options offered by IP telephony, you can dramatically reduce the risk of missed calls, even if the call volume is high. The Receptionist Console service allows you to ensure that every call is handled properly and efficiently, with an easy-to-use set of features based on your preferences.

Answer quickly!

Regardless of the call volume, even if it is just to confirm that the customer has reached your company, you must answer quickly. If you are not able to take your calls immediately, the call queue service will allow you to place and prioritize them. In fact, with our systems, any employee can connect to a call queue and answer customers during peak periods. This allows the team to manage peak hours or occasional peaks, without wasting resources on standby. Furthermore, this service also offers the possibility of creating separate queues, depending on the caller's language, the region from which the call originates, or any other criteria that suits you. Finally, this service also allows you to create a "priority" call queue for the customers who are most valuable to your company and to whom you wish to answer first.

Provide your customers with an interactive menu

Customers can get frustrated when they call a company and find themselves being transferred from one department to another before their request is finally processed. Do you have colleagues who handle different service areas in your company and want customers to be able to speak to the right person the first time? Setting up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu allows callers to be routed appropriately to the right destination. That way, there is no need to call from one department to another, customers simply choose the department or extension they wish to contact via the interactive menu. This not only helps avoid customer frustration with endless transfers, but saves you time by routing them directly to the right destination. As such, the proper configuration of an automated receptionist will save you time and money.

Give customers the ability to leave a message and return their call quickly

It is a misconception that people hate voicemail; most callers will agree to leave a voicemail message if the call is returned within a reasonable time. People understand that businesses probably will not be manning their phones 24 hours a day, but they expect you to return their call quickly.

Use waiting time wisely

Since you should never lose an opportunity to promote your products, you can take advantage of your customers' waiting time to record messages that will be heard while they are waiting. Take advantage of this opportunity to communicate notices of interest: your contact information, opening hours and especially the address of your website. You can also adapt them to your promotions or other information specific to your products and services.

Why not set up a contact center?

If your call volume is high and your business is growing, a Contact Center may be the solution for you. Unified Telecommunications Service offers a cloud-based contact center solution that provides intelligent and perfectly matched routing between your agents and customers, regardless of their telecommunication means. This solution allows for a wide range of strategies, including directing calls to specific agents based on their language or skills. This service will build customer loyalty by contributing to your image, while optimizing the use of your contact center agents.

Phone contacts are key

In conclusion, the telephone contact with your customers should not be neglected because it represents a golden opportunity to create a lasting and profitable relationship for the benefit of the development and success of your company.


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