The 5 benefits of integrating a CRM system with your company’s telephony

The 5 benefits of integrating a CRM system with your company’s telephony

Mise à jour le February 1, 2021

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool that empowers companies to access and structure information gathered from customers and based on your interactions with them.

By leveraging the power of a CRM that’s integrated with your company's telephone system, you'll improve your relationships with customers, while boosting your company's effectiveness and efficiency.

Here are five benefits of integrating a CRM system with your business telephony.

1- Automatic tracking

A CRM automatically records all the relevant information about each customer, such as the call date, time and duration or the name of the employee with whom the customer spoke. While this may seem like basic information, it’s often neglected and not always recorded. By integrating a CRM system with your company's telephony, automatic tracking will help you cut down on errors related to manual data entry.


2- Drive customer engagement

A CRM system integrated with your company's telephony can increase your customers' engagement. The system can assess the many variables to determine the frequency or date on which your employees should contact each customer. Moreover, this tool lets you know when your sales team has reached out to a customer and what the result of that call was. This data is collected to improve the frequency and timing of calls to increase each customer's engagement with your company.


3- Boost employee productivity

This type of service automatically redirects the customer's call to the right person, so that your employees don't need to forward calls to their colleagues. Calls are monitored using performance indicators and analytics to provide feedback to employees and help reduce call duration, increase call quality and motivate employee to improve.


4- Contextual information and a better customer experience

You don't need to click on your CRM tab to retrieve information before answering an incoming call. Take the call directly through your CRM, which will provide the complete caller information.

Whether you are drafting a document, issuing a report or responding to a customer request, CRM integration with telephony automatically displays contextual information about the caller so that you know exactly how to move the conversation in the direction you want it to go.


5- Calls made simple

With CRM integration, employees can now call any phone number in their address book as well as any prospects simply by clicking on their number. No more wasted time related to dialing numbers on a standard telephone or softphone. The system will automatically generate the call and log the conversation and its data at the end of the call.

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