Voicemail User Guide

Voicemail User Guide

Mise à jour le September 21, 2021

OMNITOTAL’s Business IP Telephony service comes with a complete and advanced voicemail manager to allow people who call you to leave a message when your line is busy or when there is no answer.

The first time you use it, it will be necessary to program your voicemail.

  • You must create a personal welcome message. You can then easily change it according to your comings and goings or your schedule;
  • Your voice mailbox has a default five-digit security code that you must change the first time you use the system. Afterwards, you can change it as often as you like;
  • Your new security code can be between four and ten digits long. For security purposes, you should change your code every 30 days;
  • You can retrieve your messages from any touch-tone phone;
  • Persons can leave you a message without listening to the entire greeting message by dialing 6.

Get access to your voicemail

From your phone:

  1. If you have a message waiting indicator or key, or if a button on your device is programmed to access your voicemail, press the appropriate key, wait for the system to answer, then dial your password;
  2. Dial *97, wait for the system to answer, then dial your password.

Using another extension in your account:

Dial *98, wait for the system to respond. Dial your voicemail number and then your password.

Using an external line:

Dial your general phone number, then call your extension and wait for your voicemail. When the voice mailbox answers, dial *, wait for the system to answer then dial your password.

User's Guide

A complete guide to using your voicemail is available to help you learn more about it. Keep it as a reference!


Voicemail User Guide