Wired IP Phone Buying Guide

Wired IP Phone Buying Guide

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The fixed-line telephone, also known as landline telephone, is still essential in companies because of its range of functions and ease of use by employees. You can easily save your speed dial numbers, make a quick call transfer, conference calls, associate a headset to it and more.

Device Models

Usually, to choose the model, you need to know the type of line you are using. There are three models of devices.

Analogue phones: these connect to your standard residential or small business phone line;
Dedicated digital or IP phones: they only connect to a telephone system (PBX) from the same manufacturer. If you already have a PBX from the same brand, such as Cisco, Panasonic and so on you can connect to it;
Non-dedicated IP phones: can connect to any hosted IP telephony services such as OMNIVIGIL’s. We offer a wide range of these types of devices from several manufacturers. This selection allows for the perfect combination of devices, to best meet your needs.

Most Interesting Features

OMNIVIGIL's IP telephony services and devices models include an impressive range of features. Among these the most frequently used are,

  • Handsfree: share the conversation with people in the room.
  • Mute: mute the microphone for a short moment. The caller can no longer hear you, but you still can hear the person you are talking to. This is an essential function when you want to have a side talk with a colleague during a conference call, for example.
  • Headset button: to answer the call on your headset, just by pressing this button.
  • Voicemail: easily take your voice messages and access your voicemail functions when you are away.

The following functionalities are less general and more linked to a specific user’s needs. For example, a receptionist, a customer service agent, or a manager will probably require a different model of device. Different factors will have to be considered, such as,

  • Number of lines: refers to the number of simultaneous calls one can receive on the device.
  • Display: all devices are equipped with a display. There are monochrome or colour screens, the size of which may also vary depending on the model.
  • Preset buttons: these are used to memorize the most frequently used numbers. Simply press a button and the call will be placed.
  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet): allows the device to be powered via your system’s network (Ethernet) cable, as opposed to an ordinary electrical outlet (a PoE-enabled hub is required). These have the advantage of saving you the purchase and maintenance of a power supply for each device and makes it possible to power your phones in the event of a power outage with a UPS or generator connected to the network backbone.
  • Numbers of SIP accounts: refers to the maximum number of accounts on the phone. For example, there could be different departments or extensions on the same phone. Not to be mistaken with the number of simultaneous calls.

Special Devices

Special phones are designed to meet specific use and needs. For example, we can find the following models,

Monoblocks: simple and compact it is recommended to fix them, for instance on the wall. They are often used for waiting room, equipment room, warehouse, hallway, or bedside table in a hotel room, etc.;
Doormen: can be installed at the entrance of a building, apartment block, condos to control access remotely. Some are equipped with cameras.
Wireless: offers greater mobility. These include regular wireless and long-range wireless phone. Contact our team to make sure we can respond adequately to your needs in your environment.


We must not overlook accessories, as they can greatly enhance the experience and increase employee productivity. For example,

  • Expansion Modules: increase the number of programmable buttons, which is especially valuable to receptionists.
  • Signal Alarms: notify of a call with a loud light or sound signal. Ideal for very noisy environments or where silence is needed.
  • Headsets: for those who spend a lot of time on the phone, the wired headset microphone allows you to keep your hands free. The wireless headset allows even more freedom and movement up to 180 meters (depending on models and location).


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