Agent’s Phone Set

Agent’s Phone Set

With the virtualisation of telephone devices, we now offer two options that greatly ease an agent’s use of devices in the contact centre environment..

Option 1 – Dedicated agent telephone device

The following devices are compatible with the OMINTOTAL contact centre service: Cisco SPA509, Cisco CP8851 and Yealink T27. To use the phone, it must be connected to a network and be configured to connect to a contact centre of the hosted telecommunication service. The phones handle a variety of agent-specific functions in the contact centre, mainly the functions to connect/disconnect as well as status management through dedicated shortcuts on the device. It is important to note that if a user is permanently assigned to a device that device cannot be used by a contact centre agent unless he uses Option 2 below. Unassigned devices can be used by any agent that successfully logs into the contact centre from that device.

Login – The agent must log in to be able to take calls from the call queues to which he is assigned

  1. Press the Connect button 


  1. Enter your Agent Extension (extension number)
  2. Enter your Password then click Enter


Once logged in the agent will be able to :

  • See or change his status by pressing the button corresponding to the appropriate status (see item 1 – image below). The light of the current status will be on.
  • Disconnect (see item 2 in the image below).
  • Monitor call queue traffic (Optional) (see item 3 on the image below).
    • We strongly suggest that you add the presence of the call queues.
    • The indicator will remain lit red to indicate a call or calls are waiting in the queue.
    • The indicator will blink red to indicate a call or calls are overflowed in the queue.
  • Press the Info & S button to view the list of calls (name + number) waiting in the call queues to which the agent is connected. The display order is from oldest to most recent regardless of the queue (See point 4 in the image below).
  • Once the agent is connected and has the status of “Available,” calls will be directed to him.

Option 2 – Virtual phone set

The virtualisation of the agent’s phone device now allows an agent to log in and interact in the call centre from the phone device of his choice (physical or software) that is present in the account.

This is a good way to reduce acquisition costs and allows additional agents to be added more easily and quickly during periods of higher traffic using devices that are already in hand, thus making it easier to handle additional requests.

This same device will therefore be able to receive both calls directed through the contact centre and calls directed to the extension associated with the device.


The agent can now connect to any phone device in the account, either physical or software. To do so he must:

  • Pick up the handset.
  • Dial “*07.”
  • Enter his agent “number.”
  • Enter his agent “password.”


The agent can and must log out using the device on which his user is connected. Using another device will not have the desired effect.

To log out he must:

  • Pick up the handset;
  • Dial “ *09


The use of devices not dedicated to the contact centre requires the agent to make status changes through the “Contact Centre – Dashboard” on our web portal. For more information, please refer to the “CONTACT CENTRE – DASHBOARD” section.

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