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Today, the concept of telephony encompasses a larger sample of services and we have moved beyond the era of traditional telecommunications practices.

OMNIVIGIL is a reliable partner that provides telecommunications services to its customers mainly in Canada and the United States but also in the world. Our experience and know-how in the telecommunications field gives us a unique perspective when it comes to analyzing and adapting to your company’s needs. In addition, we can offer your business the full range of essential telecommunication services that will keep your telephony services running smoothly and your telecommunications more efficient.

This knowledge base is the reference tool when it comes time to find answers to your questions and needs.

Professionals at your service

Today, telephony is more demanding than before. At the very least, a wide range of products and services, state-of-the-art technology, all this is very impressive, but does not mean anything if the quality of customer service is not at the rendezvous. How is OMNIVIGIL different from other companies? What sets us apart is in two words: Our Team.

OMNIVIGIL’s ability to respond professionally and efficiently to your requests is largely based on the efforts of our team of specialists who ensure that you are satisfied by understanding the needs of your company. Our Distributor Partners, Customer Service Representatives, Experienced Account Managers, Technicians and Engineers are just a few examples of the people who work for you every day.

With you, we build a lasting and beneficial relationship for both parties. Whether it’s using our products and services or guiding you step by step in using our online portal, just contact us for help.

OMNIVIGIL, our partners and our team make your concerns and issues a priority.

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