Call Recording Services

Call Recording Services

Whether for training purposes, to ensure customer service quality or simply to improve your product or your offer; OMNItotal offers you to record the calls that are made on your IP telephony system. The Permanent Recording Service can be used through any internal extension and allows listening to incoming and outgoing calls made on the designated extension(s), a few seconds after the end of the call. The number of employees who can access the recordings is unlimited but depends on the assignment of listening rights. The service is billed on a monthly basis according to the number of extensions on which the recording must be made.


There are two levels of listening to the recordings:

  1. Complete listening: By assigning the “Confidentiality” role to a user in the account, the latter can consult all the recordings made on the different stations.
  2. Selective listening: By assigning the role “Group recording access”, the user has limited access to a certain number of extensions in a group. Thus, you can decide to join extensions of the same type into a group and give access to call recordings only to the supervisor of this group. The number of groups that can be created in the account is unlimited.


There are two options available for record storage.

Option 1 – “Client Storage” – this will require you to access an FTP server where the recordings will be transferred by OMNIVIGIL. Note that the disk space of a recording is about 1MB per minute.

Option 2 – “OMNIVIGIL Storage” – with this option all conversation recordings are stored by OMNIVIGIL and available in the cloud in real time through our Customer Portal. Hosting fees may apply.


As mentioned above, access to call recordings is secured. Users who wish to consult and listen to a stored recording must have one of the two roles presented earlier. Thereafter, the search and access is done through two different accesses, depending on the services used.

1. Telephony:

    • Access our customer portal through our OMNIconnect platform.
    • Access the report module through the menu “Telephony / Call records / Recordings – Report” to view the call log.
    • Select the extension(s) for which you want to listen to calls.
    • Enter the targeted period.
    • Select the “Listen” button for the desired call.

2. Contact Centre 

    • Access our customer portal through our OMNIconnect platform.
    • Consult the latest fifty calls of the agent directly in the “Records” tab of the agent’s file.
    • To consult beyond the last fifty calls, access the report module through the menu “Telephony / Call records / Records – Report”.
    • To consult the call log:
      •  Select the agent(s) whom you wish to listen to;
      • Enter the targeted period;
      • Select the “Listen” button for the selected call.


The Permanent Recording Service can be added by the distributor or OMNIVIGIL customer service. However, its configuration is limited to OMNIVIGIL customer service. A simple call will be enough to activate the service in your account without delay. To speed up the process, make sure you have the following information on hand:

  • The complete list of extension numbers to be subscribed.
  • For the “Customer Storage” registration option, the following items must also be provided:
    • Protocol (FTPs/FTP) – the protocol used for the transfer.
    • Name / IP Address – the name or IP address of the SFTP/FTP server.
    • TCP Port Number – the TCP port (if other than standard).
    • Folder – the name of the directory where the records (files) are stored.
    • User name – the user name of the FTPs/FTP server.
    • Password – the password of the FTPs/FTP server.


Also note that the On Demand Recording service is also available through our pound key functions and is free of charge. This service allows you to start recording a conversation at any time during the phone call simply by dialing #3 on your phone keypad. You will only hear a beep confirming that the conversation is being recorded. Once the call is over, an audio file of the recording in WAV format will be sent by email to the user of the extension from which the call was made.

The recording is also available through our portal in the “Recorded Conversations” tab of the extension (requires listening rights).

Want to learn more about our call recording services? The best way is to request a demonstration.

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