Call Restrictions

Call Restrictions

It is possible to set call restrictions on the account level or on the user extensions level.

Just select the Call Restrictions tab (XXX)

The available call restrictions are:

  1. Toll-free numbers (1-900)
  2. Toll-free numbers (310, 800, 877, 888, etc.)
  3. Local numbers
  4. Long distance Canada & USA
  5. Essential services (911)
  6. International Long Distance
  7. Directory Assistance (411)
  8. Star services (*98, *74, etc.)
  9. Internal numbers (extension)

It is now possible to limit (block) incoming calls to a specific phone number. For example, you can block all calls from 514 and 418 to the toll-free number.

When you apply the filter, the caller will hear the following pre-recorded message: “Sorry! This toll-free number cannot receive calls from your location. Please use the local phone number. Thank you and goodbye.”

This feature is not available directly through the web interface. The technical support team must be contacted to access this feature.

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