Callthru Mobile Application

Callthru Mobile Application

OMNITOTAL’s corporate IP telephony service comes with a mobile phone application called Callthru that facilitates mobile communications while keeping the professional experience of the corporate phone service. It is easy to install, configure and use.

The application intercepts, adds and dials your Callthru service number to a phone number obtained from the phone’s address book or dialed on the phone keypad.

With this convenient application, reach your customers on the road using your personal cell phone while displaying your business number.  You can also keep track of your team’s activities on the road such as your sales and customer service through their cell phone calls.

Main features

  • Quick and easy installation and setup
  • Control over the caller id displayed to the people you call
  • Works on all calls from your phone’s address book
  • Works on all calls from your phone keypad
  • Direct access to your company’s extensions
  • Detailed call log from your phone’s call log
  • Android and iPhone compatible

Setup Procedure

You need to download the application from the Android or Apple store depending on your device type. Use the keyword “Omnivigil” in the search tool and you will find the Callthru application.

Start your Callthru mobile applications once the installation is complete.

The first time the Callthru application starts, it will prompt you with a screen to enter the configuration settings you require for operation:

  1. Mobile number: Enter your cell phone number. The format is 10 digits ########## (do not put the + or 1).
  2. Nearest City/Service Number: Select the city closest to your current or primary location.
  3. User code: This code is given by OMNIVIGIL and usually consists of your email address and your access code for the web client portal.
  4. Password given by OMNIVIGIL, along with your user code mentioned above.

After you have completed the configuration process you will need to make your first call :

  1. First select the Set as Default option.
  2. Once selected all calls will go through the Callthru by default on your device.
  3. If not selected, you will be able to choose whether or not to use the Callthru for each new call and select Set as Default.
  4. If you select the Keyboard option the call will be routed through your cell phone plan.

Now you simply dial or select a contact from the address book to reach the recipient through the Callthru feature.

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