Device Provisioning Procedure

Device Provisioning Procedure

To ensure the authenticity and security of the telephone devices supported by OMNITOTAL, the provisioning service in the hosted infrastructure is done in two ways depending on the manufacturer and the device model.

Automatic Mode

These devices are automatically provisioned by the infrastructure using an authentication mechanism based on an encrypted certificate and therefore require no intervention.

  • Cisco 78xx, 88xx and SPA Series
  • Fanvil H, X and PA2 Series
  • Linksys
  • Yealink T2, T4, T5 and CP Series

IP Exemption Mode

For security reasons, provisioning of other telephone devices is controlled by authenticating the IP address making the request. The following procedure must be followed to allow a source IP address to make an initial provisioning request for a given account:

Procedure for IP Provisioning

  1. Login to the account
  2. Access the list of phone devices through Telephony | Phone Devices
  3. Click the IP Provisioning button
  4. Enter the IP address to be exempted and then Save

Devices making provisioning requests from the specified IP will subsequently be able to provision themselves for the first time and thus permanently identify themselves to the telecom infrastructure.

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