FAQ – Contact Centre

FAQ – Contact Centre


Can the same device be used by more than one agent in shifts for example?

Yes, an agent must log on to the device to start working and must log out when he is done. For example, one could have 3 agents using the same device in consecutive 8 hour shifts. It is recommended that each agent have his own headphones or disinfecting wipes to protect against possible germs.

Can I prioritize one customer in a queue?

You are not able to prioritize a call or answer a call before another in a queue. Call priority is a configuration of the call queue and is used to determine where to place a caller in the queue. Once the caller is in the queue, his call can only be answered when his turn comes up.  Here is an example of how you could configure a call queue to prioritize certain calls.

A medical clinic contact center that is staffed by several agents with the same skills. The following two options can be used in the Interactive Virtual Response configuration for the queue:

  • For appointments dial 1;
  • If you are a health care specialist please dial 2;

To prioritize call intake (and thus reduce waiting time) for health care specialists (option 2), put a priority of 50 on option 1 and a priority of 25 on option 2 (lower priority number, have higher priority).

Can I control/restrict access to a queue?

Adding a queue with access codes on the Access Code tab of the queue allows you to restrict access to this queue. For example, you can add an access code and give it to your healthcare professionals. They will be asked for the access code when they select the “If you are a healthcare professional, dial 2” option. Patients who do not have the access code will not be able to get into this queue.

Where are the waiting calls directed when the queue closes and the agents all disconnect?

There are three options.

  1. Select on the Operations Hours tab the queue to which the waiting people will be directed when the queue closes according to its schedule.
  2. If you don’t have another queue, you can let the calls go to the voice mailbox selected in the Option 1 (BV) tab.
  3. The third option is to close the queue early and then let agents process the remaining calls.

Can other agents and users in my account call an agent’s extension?

Yes, internal calls work between agents and users. Once the agent is logged in, other extensions and agents can contact him/her and his/her agent extension will ring regardless of his/her status.

Why do the calls in the Call Log not synchronize with the calls in the queue?

The Call Log lists all calls that have been directed to the phone number. Contact centre reports only list calls that went to the queue. For example, if the person calls the phone number but does not dial the option or does not go to the Call Queue action, the call is not listed in the queue.

What are the advantages of setting up the queue on a new phone number?

The advantage is that you can set up “Component Menus.” These will be available directly in the dashboard and allow you to change the call behaviour before entering the queue. 

To do so:

  •  Configure the various menu components using the “Menus – Components” module.
  • Select in the “Temporary Action” tab of the phone number of the queue the “Component Menus” that you want to make available for this queue.
  • Select the preferred menu component from the menu or option in the queue.
  • The number and the list of selected “Menus – Components” will be available in the top left-hand side of the dashboard.
  • If necessary, you can change the “Menu – Component” as you wish. It will be activated automatically.
  • You could have, for example, the following menu components
    • – Closing – Snowstorm (play the notice and ask to call back tomorrow).
    • – Closure – High Traffic (play the notice and then offer the option to go to a voice mailbox).

How long will a call to an agent in Available status ring and what happens if the agent does not take the call?

The call will ring for 18 seconds or about 3.5 rings. If the agent does not answer the call, a red star (RONA) will be displayed in the supervisor queue next to the agent and an “Unanswered Calls” row in the “Unanswered Calls” report. This indication is important to ensure that the agent manages his status well and does not abuse the Available status.

Why do my agent’s status changes from Available to Online or Closed when a call is answered?

This is normal. If the agent receives a call from one of his colleagues, his status changes from Available to Working after the call. If the agent receives a call from the queue, his status changes from Available to Online.

How can the supervisor view the different call queues in his account?

In the Contact Center Dashboard, there is a tab for each of the call queues as well as an “All” tab that allows the supervisor to view all the call queues in his account.

How can I use the Listen and Whisper features?

Only a user with the Contact Centre – Administrator role that gives the right to listen to recordings (confidentiality) can use the Listen and Whisper functions.


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