Incoming Voice/SMS Phone Number Service

Incoming Voice/SMS Phone Number Service

With the “Incoming Voice/SMS Phone Number” service, receive all the text messages that are sent to you; even those that are not sent to your cell phone. The technology offered by OMNItotal forwards the content of your text messages to the email address in your profile, allowing you to consult the content of your messages, to know the identity of the sender and to archive them if necessary. This service is available upon activation of a new phone number, as well as upon request for existing OmniTotal service telephone numbers. If you are not an existing customer, you can port a phone number to OmniTotal and the text message service can be activated on that number.

How to configure the phone number to receive SMS

In the main menu at the left of the Customer Portal page, choose the Telephony menu and click on “Incoming Voice/SMS numbers“.

At the top right of the page that opens, click the “+ New” button. The drop-down menu that appears will allow you to select the phone number in the account for which you want to add the Incoming Voice/SMS Phone Number service. You will then only have to select the people (Recipients) to whom you want the text messages to be sent by email. 

Message viewing and reporting

In the main menu at the left of the Customer Portal, choose the Telephony menu and click on “SMS numbers (incoming). Then select the phone number for which you wish to access the messages. On the page that appears, the right-hand menu at the top of the screen shows the “SMS Logs” button. The messages are shown in chronological order, from the oldest to the most recent. For each message, the log displays the sender’s phone number, the date and time the message was received, and the message itself.

The Log tool also allows you to produce reports by choosing the start and end period of the messages you want to include. The reports produced can be exported in Excel format or printed.

Also, remember that all text messages sent to the “Incoming Voice/SMS Phone Number” service are forwarded in real time by email to the configured recipients in the phone number configuration.


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