Installation and use of Click to Call add-in for Outlook

Installation and use of Click to Call add-in for Outlook

OMNItotal’s Click to Call add-in for Outlook allows you to click on phone numbers in Microsoft Outlook to call your contacts directly. No need to remember and even less to dial the number of your next contact on your telephone keyboard, the Click To Call function does the work and automatically dials to the selected recipient. Just like magic!

Installation procedure
To install Click to Call, first close the Outlook application on your desktop. You will then need to download the following executable: ClicktoCall.exe. Your antivirus software may perform a scan of the file, it is safe, rest assured. Once the analysis is complete, you can accept the installation by clicking on “Install” and then on “Close”, if the installation went well.

You can then restart the Outlook application. An “Add-Ins” tab will appear in the menu bar; press it and then click on the “Settings” button in the OMNIVIGIL group.

A window asking you to identify yourself will open; you must enter the same identifier as on the OMNIVIGIl portal (e.g.:, as well as the same password as on the portal. Then enter the extension from which you want to initiate the call, i.e. your internal extension number, and press “Save”. That’s it! The installation is complete!

How to use Click To Call function

You can make sure that the configuration of the option has been carried out perfectly by opening the “Contact” section of Outlook and choosing the “Add-Ins” tab. Simply select the contact you wish to reach and click “Call” in the Omnivigil menu. Your phone will ring immediately, indicating the Click To Call is ready to proceed. Pick up the handset, or activate your headset; as soon as the other person picks up the phone, the connection will be made between the two of you. That’s it!

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