Self-Managed Teleconference

Self-Managed Teleconference


Our self-managed teleconferencing service allows subscribers to completely manage their teleconferences according to their needs, ensuring unlimited access to them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All callers dial the local or toll-free number provided along with the service 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the conference and follow the instructions given by the automated access system. Moderators and participants can join their conference call by dialing the assigned telephone number and then entering the access code on their telephone keypad.

  1. Number of participants: up to 25 (this limit can be increased if necessary)
  2. Included:
    1. Local and toll-free telephone number permanently assigned to the teleconferencing service
    2. Recording – Teleconferences can be recorded if needed
  3. Access: Access code for all the participants and then access code for personalized narrators via teleconference
  4. Users of the same account can access the teleconference using the *44 function. With this option the user does not use an outbound channel from his account.

Online management

Login to your account. You can manage your teleconferences, users in your account, their access privileges, view all your invoices, your past teleconferences, recordings and review the latest teleconference activities. You must have one of the following roles to configure the service:

  • Teleconference – Administrator
  • Teleconference – Operation
  • Telephony – Level 3


Usage details are available online through the customer portal.


Activation fee: $25.00 + taxes (this fee is applicable only once upon activation of the service)
Monthly fee: $9.95 + taxes per month
Usage fee: $0.09 + taxes per minute per caller (local or long distance)


NOTE: Monthly fees and usage charges are attached to the monthly account invoice.


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