Introduction to our API

Introduction to our API

We are pleased to announce that the Telephony API for the OMNItotal family of products is now available to link our telephony services to your solutions. 

Available at no cost to all our customers, it opens the door to several applications to meet growing demand.

Benefit from a rich and complete API with these features:

  • Modern REST API, based on the OpenAPI 3.0 standard specification and developed on the Swagger ecosystem.

  • Allows you to build and integrate with your own applications such as CRMs and dashboards.

  • Launch calls through your own application (“call-out” or “click-to-call”).

  • Subscribe to a variety of telephony events (Webhook/URL) such as incoming or outgoing calls, calls from or to your extensions, etc…
    Access call logs: list, filter, search, browse, report.

  • Online documentation and collaboration tools to facilitate prototyping, development and integration.

  • Give free rein to your imagination to meet a wide range of related needs and integrations.

Let us know your needs and ideas!  We will be pleased to assist you in the implementation of these with the help of our API.

Complete API documentation