Pound Key Functions Reminder

Pound Key Functions Reminder

The OMNITOTAL IP telephony service has several pounds key short cuts (#) that allow you to quickly access additional advanced features directly on your device. The table below is a reminder of these pound key (#) functions offered by OMNITOTAL’s IP Telephony service.


Call Transfer

Dial #1 followed by either a phone number, extension or voice mail box (VM). The system will then offer you the different transfer options such as

1 – Directly to an extension (including parking or voice mail number: #1 + number + 1 for a blind transfer)

2 – With guidance to a position (the transfer is completed when the transferee hangs up)

* – Cancel the transfer and resume the call at any time


Recording of your conversation

Dial #3 to start recording your ongoing call. As soon as the call is over, the recording is emailed to the user assigned to the phone extension in use and will be available through our OMNIconnect portal.


Transfer to all my devices

Dial #5 to transfer the ongoing call to all your telephone devices (office phone, cell phone, softphone, etc.) and continue your conversation on a more suitable device (from your office phone to your cell phone before leaving, for example, or vice versa in case of poor reception or low battery).


Five-way conference

In turn, call each person you would like to have in the conference and dial #7 while you are on the phone with them. They will be placed in the conference call’s waiting room until you dial *71 to join them. The conference ends when you hang up.

# BV

Calling a voice mailbox

Dial # followed by the voicemail number to leave a message.


Transfer the call to a voicemail box

Press the Transfer key on your phone followed by the # and then the voice mail number.

These functions are very useful for customers using an analog phone connected to an adapter (ATA) and without transfer buttons.

You can also download a handy PDF version of this checklist.

Download the PDF reminder

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