Robustness And Network Resilience of Devices

Robustness And Network Resilience of Devices

This article describes the behavior of devices supported by the OMNITOTAL service in the case of a gateway and registration service degradation in the OMNIVIGIL infrastructure. The OMNIVIGIL infrastructure is redundant and provides secondary gateways/proxies.  The following table describes the behavior of the devices in case of a degradation or unavailability of the primary gateway.

Behavior Details

If the primary gateway fails, the device will detect the failure within 90 seconds and automatically migrate to the secondary gateway.

When the device migrates to the new gateway, a new SIP REGISTER is transmitted to update the SIP link to the infrastructure, making the devices immediately available.

When the primary gateway becomes available again and is detected by the device (typically 5-10 minutes), the device will switch to it immediately or to the next SIP REGISTER.


These devices do not detect any gateway failure except on a SIP REGISTER sequence. If the gateway fails, the device will reconnect after the current SIP REGISTER expires, which can take up to 60 minutes.

These devices will detect a failed gateway at startup. Therefore, rebooting the device will force the failover.

When the primary gateway becomes available again, the device will failover to it the next time the SIP REGISTER expires.

Low These devices do not support gateway redundancy, even when rebooted.

Behavior by Manufacturer and/or Family

Manufacturer/Family Behavior
Aastra Average
Cisco 3xx, 5xx and [78]xx Series Excellent
Cisco SPA112 and SPA122 Low
Digium Low
Fanvil H, X and Infra Low
Grandstream 16, 17, 21 and 32 Series Excellent
Panasonic KX Series Excellent
Polycom SoundPoint, VVX and SoundStation Series Average
Snom 7/D7 Series


Snom EOS Series Average
Yealink Excellent

NOTE: The above information is specific to the OMNIVIGIL infrastructure, and the devices supplied by its service. The same device from another supplier or manually supplied could react totally differently.

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