Agent Dashboard

Agent Dashboard

The Agent Dashboard, also known as the Agent Console, is the ultimate tool to allow the contact centre agent to effectively manage the workflow of his activities and tasks. The console is accessible through the utility menu by selecting the Contact Center Agent Console option.

The dashboard is divided into six sections:

  1. My status
  2. Activity Queue
  3. Ongoing Activities
  4. Ongoing Activity
  5. Statistics
  6. History

My status

This section displays the status of the agent and allows the agent to manually change status by clicking on the corresponding button. The possible statuses are

  • Disconnected: the agent is not currently connected from the contact centre and will not be dispatched any activities.
  • Activity in progress: the agent is currently assigned an activity and cannot change status.
  • Available (green): the agent is currently available to start a new activity.
  • Working (blue): the agent is currently working on an activity and cannot be given another.
  • On Break (orange): the agent is on break and cannot be assigned an activity.
  • Other (yellow): this status is used when an agent is not in any of the above status and cannot be assigned an activity.

The agent status log report allows to view the history of changes in the status of an agent.

Activity Queue

This section allows to view the pending activities that could be assigned to the agent, according to the queues he belongs to. You can see them here:

  • The communication channel.
  • The contact identification (phone number, username).
  • The queue in which the contact is waiting.
  • The skill required by the contact.
  • The waiting time in the queue.

At this point, the activities are not assigned to an agent. They are on hold until an agent is available to work on them.

Agent’s Assigned Activities

This section allows to view the activities that have been assigned to the agent, for example, if it is a call activity, it would mean that the agent is on call with the contact. As with the queue, you can also see here:

  • The communication channel.
  • The identification of the contact (phone number, username).
  • The queue where the activity originated from.
  • The requested skill.
  • The waiting time in the queue.

Activity in progress

The central section of the dashboard displays the details of the agent’s current activity. One can see there:

  • The contact identification (name, phone number or other identification depending on the context).
  • The length of the activity with the contact (e.g. the duration of the current call).
  • The queue where the activity originated.
  • The language of the contact (if known).
  • The waiting time in the queue for a contact before being transferred to the agent.


The statistics section displays the following statistical data:

  1. Answered calls: number of incoming calls answered.
  2. Missed calls: number of missed calls.
  3. Average length: average length of activities.
  4. Maximum length: maximum amount of time spent on an activity.

The statistics displayed are calculated over a 12-hour window. The statistics can be adjusted according to the communication channel used.


The history section displays the list of activities processed by the agent. An entry is added to the history when the agent completes an activity.

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