Permanent Teleconference

Permanent Teleconference

The 24-hour teleconferencing service provides users with unlimited access to teleconference rooms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Very useful for teams of remote workers, these teleconference rooms can be accessed simply by dialing an extension number, as if you were reaching an internal colleague.

There is no need to configure the conference room schedule or access through a phone number – these are permanent and directly in the organization’s extension call plan.

  1. Participant limit: 2 to 12
  2. Internal Access: The teleconference is accessed simply by dialing the extension number of the permanent conference;
  3. External access (PSTN):
    • By transferring the call from an extension to the conferencing (each call uses a channel to the account)
    • Blocked by default in the interactive menu (option available)
  4. Security: The conference room can be protected by an access number if required.

NOTE: Conference calls do not use telephone channels when accessed from an internal extension.

Activate the online option

Log in to your account to activate the conference call. You must have one of the following roles to configure the service:

  • Telephony 1, 2 or 3
  • Teleconference – Administrator
  • Teleconference – Operation

Using the Telephony | Permanent Conferences option, you can create, edit or delete permanent conference calls.

The teleconference room can also be easily accessed through an interactive telephone action menu or telephone number. Simply choose an action that calls an extension, for example Call extensions with forwarding, without voicemail.

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