Bria Entreprise softphone by CounterPath

Bria Entreprise softphone by CounterPath

Bria Enterprise is a professional SIP softphone that works with the company’s VoIP services. The Bria Enterprise solution includes the Bria Softphone for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms, as well as the Enterprise Cloud platform for centrally configuring and deploying softphones and providing advanced notification and analytics.

Bria Enterprise increases the productivity and responsiveness of employees by transforming their desktops, tablets or smartphones into a telephony endpoint associated with their business number. Users have full access to voice, video, corporate directory, presence management, messaging and screen sharing anytime and anywhere (at the office, at home or on the road).


Bria Enterprise is offered as a monthly renewable subscription. Bria Enterprise is a SaaS (“Software-as-a-Service”) cloud-based service that features centralized configuration and deployment, push notifications, as well as optional services such as presence management, instant messaging, and screen sharing.

Licenses can be associated to a terminal or a user profile. Easier to manage, user licenses add value to the company’s communication infrastructure by offering each employee the ability to use the Bria Enterprise Softphone simultaneously on several terminals. The “Basic Bundle” user license  enables the user to use up to four terminals. The “Business Bundle” user license additionally offers access to the corporate directory, presence management, instant messaging and screen sharing as well as multi-party audio and video conferencing with advanced screen sharing and messaging functionalities. We offer a range of licenses customized to the individual needs of each end user. All licenses below are available on a monthly subscription basis. These are grouped into two families.

Device Licenses

Mobile/Tablet – $4.65/month Desktop – $5.75/month
  • For one terminal only
  • Compatible with iOS, Android or Chromebook
  • Support included
  • For one terminal only
  • Windows or macOS compatible
  • Support included

Bundle Licenses (User)

Basic Bundle User – $6.95/month Standard Bundle User – $9.25/month Business Bundle User – $13.15/month
  • For a choice of four terminals
  • Compatible with various Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, or Chromebook terminals
  • Includes a hosted messaging, presence and corporate directory service
  • Microsoft Office integration, call recording and address book integration
  • Hosted collaboration services, including audio/video conferencing, screen sharing and browser access for guests
  • Access to Help Desk Assistant
  • Voice quality analysis

Note: A customer account can only have one type of license. Each license includes OMNIVIGIL’s monthly service “Softphone Extension – Bria Stretto (CounterPath)” worth $1.95/month.


Features may differ from one license to another as you can see in the following table.

License Comparaison  Per Device Basic Bundle  Standard Bundle Business Bundle
Centralized cloud-based management.
Simplified license management. With Per Device licensing, administrators must forecast and manage the number of desktops vs. smart phones/tablets.
With Per User licensing, each user is entitled to use the softphone app on up to four devices in a 24-hour period; older devices are automatically cleared after 24 hour waiting period (i.e. auto-aging).
With Per Device licensing, a common pool of desktop vs. mobile licenses is shared by all users; once a Per Device license limit is reached, administrators (or in some cases, users) must delete older devices to free up licenses (i.e. no auto-aging).
Significant savings for employees with softphones on two or more devices.
Transferrable licenses, but only within the same domain; by deleting a user (or device), licenses can be freed up and reassigned to a different user (or device) within that same domain. Transferring licenses between domains is not permitted.
Suitable for Contact Center deployments (i.e. where a pool of desktop machines is shared by multiple agents).
Premium audio and video codecs.
Standard telephony features such as Call Hold, Call Transfer and Voice Mail/Messaging Waiting Indicator.
Advanced telephony features such as Microsoft Office integration (Windows), Call Recording and Address Book integration.
Push Notification Service, to reduce mobile battery usage and decrease missed calls.
Hosted Messaging/Chat Room, Presence and Corporate Directory service.
Hosted Collaboration service, including audio/video conferencing, screen sharing and browser-based access for guests.
Client Logging to enable users to send troubleshooting logs that capture their softphone settings, network configuration and signalling flows so that the IT administrator can quickly pinpoint and resolve end user issues (such as one-way audio).
Advanced analytics, including voice quality estimates, usage summary reports (e.g. by device type, OS version, Bria Enterprise app version) and voice, video, and messaging usage statistics.
Help Desk Assistant to enable IT administrators  to remotely access employee’s mobile softphone (with their consent), to remotely update specific settings and place test calls.



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