User’s Guide on Call Queues

User’s Guide on Call Queues

This service, because of its simplicity, offers an interesting alternative to a more elaborate Contact Center. The Call Queue service allows you to hold calls directed to the same extension. Most importantly, the service keeps callers from hanging up when they are not answered instantly.

The Call Queue service allows to handle a large number of calls directed to a single extension or to an option in the home menu. As soon as one of the subscriber extensions is available, the call that has been waiting the longest in the call queue is instantly transferred to that extension. While waiting, the system plays music, as well as a message offering the caller the option to leave a message in a specially configured voice mailbox.

The maximum number of extensions that can be on hold in the call queue is ten. In addition, you can use your existing channels without having to activate additional channels.


People on hold will hear music, in addition to a message played at regular intervals that invites them to leave a message in a voicemail box configured for this purpose at any time.

The call waiting in the queue the longest will be directed to the first available agent(s). If more than one agent becomes available at the same time, the call will be simultaneously routed to the available agents.

In addition, the call strategy allows for two overflow plans. These strategies allow you to assign additional agents in case of overflow. For example, once the configured time limit is exceeded, the call will be directed to the agents assigned to the first overflow strategy (maximum of five extensions), and then if the wait time continues, the call will be directed to the agents assigned to the second overflow strategy (maximum of 15 extensions).

Only available agents (who are not on a call) and in DND (Do Not Disturb) status will be contacted by the queue.


The “Telephony – Level 3” role allows you to program the call queues as well as to use the “Console – Call queues”.

The role “Console – Call Queue” only gives access to the console.


Its configuration is simple and allows up to three levels of overflow, the customization of these as well as the frequency of messages.

Below are the general criteria for configuring a call queue.


Once the “Call Queue” has been programmed, it can be made accessible directly on a telephone number or on an option of a telephone number by selecting the action “Call extension (with forwarding, with voicemail)”. Here you can select the desired “Call Queue” by its description.


The call queue service comes with a virtual console that allows you to navigate through the different call queues in the account and then view the waiting calls and track their status changes. This is available through the “Call Queue Console” sub-menu in the top right corner menu.

Below is a picture with the description of the console elements.

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