WebConnect: Our Web Communicator

WebConnect: Our Web Communicator

OMNItotal’s newest tool to make your employees’ work easier, at the office or at home, is our WebConnect, web phone. Using WebRTC technology, WebConnect is an easy-to-use web application with a virtual telephone keypad for making and receiving phone calls and includes features that can be used right in your Internet browser.

Easy to access, this service is in the Customer Portal and requires no installation or configuration. WebConnect makes it easy to make phone calls via the Internet using the microphone and audio from the user’s headset or computer, but also via the user’s mobile phone.

Another advantage of WebConnect is that it allows employees to contact their colleagues by dialing their internal extension number directly, regardless of their device or operating system. Of course, you also benefit from your OMNITotal calling plan with no long-distance fees for calls within Canada.

How to Get Your WebConnect

To get started, simply ask your OMNItotal representative to add a web extension to your services list. For a fee of only $1.95/month, he will activate the application by creating a new “Extension – Web” workstation from the “Phone extensions” menu and assign you the “Telephony – User” role.

How to use it?

OMNItotal’s WebConnect has been tested and is supported by the following web browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For other browsers, you can check the compatibility at the following address: https://test.webrtc.org.

WebConnect registers as a phone extension in the user client account. It is therefore possible to receive calls on the user’s account, just like on any other IP phone device. Therefore, it is important to add it to the “Call Manager” of the user’s account.

To use WebConnect, simply click on the blue phone button next to the quick setup menu on the OMNIconnect platform.

A well-thought-out keypad

Once opened in its own window, the keypad, which is like a mobile device’s keyboard, allows direct dialing of the number to call. The menu at the top of the screen displays the internal system extension used by the application. An icon also allows you to set the volume of the call.


The call log

Also, worth noting is that WebConnect gives the user access to a call log that shows a list of their recent calls, the date and time they were made, as well as their duration. The call log can be easily erased by clicking on the “trash can” icon located at the top right of the “Recent Calls” screen. 

To redial a number from the list of recent calls, simply double-click on the number and then press “OK” in the validation window that will open.

Useful features

Other interesting advantages of WebConnect are that the user can use one of the following four functions during the call:

  1. Hold: pause the call, thereby muting the user’s sound and microphone;
  2. Call Transfer: transfer the ongoing call to an internal number (extension) or an external telephone number;
  3. Mute: to deactivate the user’s microphone without stopping the sound of the call in progress;
  4. Hang up: end the call.

How to select and adjust your peripheral devices 

How to restore the sound of the browser and plug-ins

  1. Open your web browser and run something that normally produces sound;
  2. Right-click on the volume icon in the Windows taskbar;
  3. Click “Open Volume Mixer”;
  4. In the Volume Mixer window, adjust the volume of your speaker or web browser.

Select the required device

  1.  Open your web browser and run something that normally produces sound; 
  2. Right-click on the volume icon in the Windows taskbar;
  3. Click “Open Audio Settings”;
  4. In the Windows settings window, select the “Sound” option from the left menu;
  5. Select the preferred output device from the list under “Choose your output device”;
  6. Select the required input device from the list under “Choose your input device”;
  7. Customize the devices used for a desired application by selecting the “Advanced Audio Options” option.

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