Long Distance Calls

Save on your long distance

No more hefty long distance bills from your phone company that forces you to find cheaper suppliers and dial an access number before a long distance call!

OMNIVIGIL’s IP telephony (VoIP) gives you more and makes you save big while greatly simplifying your life! Keeping in touch with your network has never been easier thanks to our Canada unlimited coverage, modest long distance rates across the US and elsewhere, unlimited free calls between subscribers and supreme mobility which may even extend the advantages to your cellular services.


Our customers benefit from our unlimited long distance calls in Canada, the US at only $0.035 per minute and internationally from $ 0.04 per minute.

Subscribers to the OMNIVIGIL business IP telephony call themselves anywhere on the planet with no long distance charges!

Enjoy toll-free coverage in Canada (excluding the Yukon) with all our plans.

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OMNIVIGIL’s telephony offers their subscribers greater mobility, a source of major savings, enabling them to take their phone equipment with them while traveling and also allowing them to extend the service to their mobile device, taking advantage of their existing long distance packages and their low prices.

By taking away their phone equipement with them when traveling, our subscribers receive all their calls wherever they are. The outbound calls they make follow the same billing rules as if they were at home or in the office: Calls between OMNIVIGIL calls placed in Canada are always free, calls to destinations covered by a plan remain while the usual low rates apply to other long distance call destinations.


Competitive Long Distance Packages

Our subscribers can save even more than ever on long distance by signing up for one of our long distance plans optionally offered below :

This optional package for our subscribers extends the toll-free coverage area in the United States.

Our competitive per-minute rates complete this package for other cities outside Canada and United States.


Save on your long distance
fees with OMNItotal communications

Enter the first digit of the desired phone number in the space below to know our per-minute rates that apply at all times. Note that separate rates may apply to calls to cell phones in some countries.

For an international number (outside of Canada and the United States) enter 011 followed by the desired phone number.

* The indicated rates do not account for subscribers plans/packages (described above). International rates International rates are subject to change without notice
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