Become a partner

Do you make the most of every sale that comes your way? Find out how a partnership can help you!

Become a partner

OMNIVIGIL is developing technology solutions which pushes the boundaries of Business IP Telephony and Unified Communications.

By becoming a partner of OMNIVIGIL, you will be offering reliable products and services always at the cutting edge of technology. We develop advantageous partnerships with Canadian resellers, integrators and interconnectors so that you, in turn, can create exceptional relationships with your clients.

Partner Certification Program

Prepare for the future and take your business to the next level by becoming an advanced technology specialist.

OMNIVIGIL is looking for competent and reliable partners to distribute and install its products in the growing IP and unified communications market.

From the very first stage of certification, the Partner Certification Program provides a high level of expertise with a relatively low level of involvement.

The different levels of partnership follow each other and complement each other perfectly, so that you are preparing for the future at every stage.


Another option

If you are not ready to undertake the Partner Competency Program, OMNIVIGIL offers you the alternative of becoming a “Referrer“. This means that while you master the aspects of the IP telephony market, you will be paid a fee for any new customer you refer to us.


Become a partner

We believe in the concrete and sustainable value generated by a strategic partnership. That’s why we want to meet you and collaborate with you.

Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of partnering with OMNIVIGIL


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