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OMNItotal offers your organization more than 60 voice features, including mobile and web apps, for an unbeatable monthly fee.


Choose the ideal plan for your business or tailor it to your needs using our calculator. The OMNItotal solution offers you competitive and flexible rates. Stay totally connected with our feature-driven Unified Communications (UCaaS) solution that meets all your work needs.

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  • 1 telephone channel (unlimited incoming and outgoing calls)
  • 1 telephone number in our territory
  • 5 telephone extensions
  • 5 advanced mailboxes, including 3 enterprise grade mailboxes (eg reception, sales, service)
  • Unlimited long distance in Canada
  • Calls waiting
  • Caller-ID
  • Call transfers
  • Fast dialing
  • Call restriction codes
  • A full range of advanced functions (* and #)
  • Conference calls
  • Call reports
  • 5 intercom extensions
  • 7 grouped extensions
  • Call transfer manager
  • Business contact directory
  • Call filtering

* Approximate price and subject to change


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Our plans

Business Plan

  • 1 telephone channel
    (up to 2 simultaneous incoming and 1 outgoing calls)
  • 1 telephone number
  • 5 telephone extensions
  • 5  advanced business voicemail boxes
  • Conference calls
  • Full range of functions * and #
  • Unlimited long distance calls in Canada

Business Plan II

  • 2 telephone channels
    (up to 3 simultaneous incoming and 2 outgoing calls)
  • 1 telephone number
  • 9 telephone extensions
  • 9  advanced business voicemail boxes
  • Call queue
  • Automated receptionist
  • Conference calls
  • Full range of functions * and #
  • Unlimited long distance calls in Canada
$49,95 /month

All inclusive Plan

  • 1 telephone channels
    1 telephone number
  • 1 telephone extensions
  • 2  advanced business voicemail boxes
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Virtual fax service
  • Full range of functions * and #
  • Unlimited long distance calls in Canada

Complete with one of the additional options: Phone Number, Toll Free Number or more All-Inclusive Users.


Why not consider one of our softphone solutions?


  • A softphone is a specialized VoIP phone system for real-time phone calls over the Internet or corporate networks.
  • It can be installed on a computer or a smart phone. Thus, a single device becomes the central point for all your communications. In other words, the softphone replaces the traditional telephone.
  • Practical and advantageous, it is ideal for mobile employees who can remain connected to the company’s telephone system from anywhere. It allows telephone communications (voice or video calls, national and international) from computer to computer or from computer to fixed or cell phone.
  • Ideal for collaborative work, the application allows you to make voice and video calls, take part in group conversations, send text messages, access the company directory, transfer calls and files (photos, videos, documents), make call forwarding, record conversations, etc.
  • For more details: Microsoft Teams and Bria.

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