Secure SIP Trunks

Take your corporate communications to the cloud age and enjoy global coverage and elastic capacity at a lower cost.

Secure SIP Trunking

Send and Receive Calls with the Cloud Using OMNItotal Elastic SIP Trunking

Secure SIP trunking enables you to link your existing PBX system to a cloud-based platform in minutes, transforming it into a state-of-the-art telephone infrastructure that reduces your operating costs while keeping your communications confidential. Forget traditional phone lines: SIP trunks are more flexible, provide greater reliability and can be activated in minutes.


SIP trunking can revolutionize communications between your existing VoIP infrastructure and traditional phone networks. With it, a single IP connection can handle all the audio, video and data from your business, leading to many benefits :

  • Sizable reduction in maintenance time and costs
  • Ability to instantly adjust the number of lines you use based on your needs
  • Instant connection to our network obviating the need for long-term contracts
  • Reliable encryption for all your calls

Say “goodbye” to missed calls with our next-generation communication platform. Calls can automatically be routed to a backup device like a mobile phone in the event of a breakdown or malfunction with Auto Redundancy. SIP trunking is ideal for a number of reasons :

  • Easily convert your existing infrastructure to a highly available network offering crystal-clear sound quality
  • Seamless continuation of business operations in case of breakdown, with no loss of quality
  • Establish a virtual presence wherever you do business by creating local phone numbers as needed

Businesses are adopting SIP trunking because it can substantially minimize your costs. Because only a single connection is required, you greatly simplify your communication structure, leading to sizable cost savings in a number of areas :

  • Long distance calls
  • Maintenance for traditional phone system hardware
  • Adding or removing lines as needed