Contact Center

OMNItotal allows you to operate a modern and interactive contact center, meeting the requirements of your customers.

Contact Center

OMNItotal Contact Center offers multiple advanced options to make the customer experience even more enjoyable. You won’t ever miss an important call ever again, and your call center operations will become more efficient with real-time statistics. Even better, you can set up the application with just a few clicks.

Who is it for

Designed for high performance managers

Effective management of a call center is essential for any business. Which is why our call center solution features many customizable options to improve your operations :

  • Optimize company resources
  • Increase call center agent productivity and efficiency
  • Improve customer service

Reduce response time and improve customer satisfaction with an innovative call queue strategy.

An essential tool for agents

Give your team the right tools. Empower your call center agents by giving them a host of self-evaluation tools that will help them improve their performance.

Our solution includes options which cover the specific needs of many different types of call centers: technical support, sales, emergency services, etc.



Dropped calls will be a thing of the past with real-time statistics. The Call Center Dashboard will display all the important information you need to manage calls :

  • Number of calls in the queue
  • Number of dropped or missed calls
  • Average or maximum waiting time
  • Call volume

Use advanced features to manage every aspect of your operations :

  • Stealth Monitoring: Listen to a call without alerting the customer or agent
  • Whisper : Discreetly assist agents during calls
  • Override : Take control of a call in progress
  • Call Recording : For reference, quality assurance or performance evaluation
  • Queue Management: Reassign agents on the fly


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