Hosted IP Telephony

Powered by the cloud, OMNItotal is the simplest and most affordable option for your professional phone system

Hosted IP Telephone Service

Hosted IP telephone service is a superior technology that uses the cloud. Using a simple Internet connection, your calls are automatically routed to an advanced cloud computing system that is both reliable and sophisticated, giving you access to a range of options regardless of your location. Say hello to next-level communications with a cloud-based business telephone solution!


Cloud-based Phone Solution

Mobility and Productivity

Unified Communications

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A cloud telephone solution will enable your communications to reach a new level by offering a range of attractive benefits:

OMNIVIGIL has been offering businesses a reliable hosted VoIP solution since 2010. Say hello to low-cost efficiency and goodbye to restrictive commitments with a cloud telephone solution.




We only use hardware you can trust from reliable brands offering the latest technology.

Cisco is a leading manufacturer of high quality VoIP phones. They specialize in enterprise-scale implementation.

Fanvil provides users with the best user experience to meet all the needs of business users for IP communications equipment, especially the enterprise market.

With more than 50 years of experience in consumer and business technology, Panasonic offers reliable, easy-to-use IP telephone devices with excellent audio quality.

Algo is a Canadian telecommunications manufacturer of endpoints and accessories including: PoE IP speakers, paging adapters, strobe lights, push buttons, doorphones / intercoms, and specialty handsets (PTT, PTM). They provide solutions for voice paging and PA systems (Wideband G.722 HD voice), bell scheduling, visual and audible alerting / notification (OSHA), loud ringing, customer and emergency assistance, and video / audio entrance security.

Most brands of IP phones are compatible with our system, leaving you the choice of selecting the equipment that suits your particular needs and requirements.

Here are some of the equipment makers we support:



Do you want to keep your current phone number? Nothing could be easier. We can transfer your local landline and even your cell number.

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We can automatically transfer all North American toll-free numbers.

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