Technology is nothing without a powerful and intuitive management system. Be in control with the powerful OMNIconnect management portal.

OMNIConnect - Collaborative tools

Optimal management of your communications can give wings to your company. That’s why the OMNIconnect management portal provides you with well thought-out collaborative tools : Teleconferencing, polling/survey or meeting confirmation services can transform the administration of your telephone system.

Management Portal

The OMNIconnect management portal is the gateway to total control over your telephone system. Online and easy to use, it provides you with everything you need to conduct your business exchanges:

  • Overview and detailed communications
  • Reports and performance indicators
  • Flexible and intuitive call control tools

OMNIconnect can also include the OMNIalert services to your collaborative tools. Benefit from a single portal for centralized and efficient management.

Integration API

Let your imagination run wild with proven APIs that will let you:

  • Control the different telephone functions offered by OMNItotal by programming them yourself
  • Optimize your resources and procedures by creating innovative solutions based on easy-to-use, powerful APIs tailored to your needs
  • Connect your favorite CRM / ERP software or platform to your phone system


The OMNItotal audio conferencing solution brings you closer to your partners and clients. Join secure audio conferences call with your office phone as well as your cell phone. The procedure is simple and fast :

  • Dial the conference number
  • Enter the confirmation code
  • Start or join the audio conference call


The automated on-line telephone survey tool helps your company perform fast and accurate customer polling. This service allows:

  • Creation of multiple choice questionnaires
  • Creation and selection of groups of respondents
  • Publication of questionnaires by telephone or SMS according to a preferred schedule
  • Immediate compilation of answers

Automate your questionnaires, and save time during phone surveys, marketing campaigns, or client and business satisfaction assessments.

Appointment confirmation

Integrate appointment or delivery confirmations with your phone system. Confirmations by text messaging are an innovative practice that is used, especially with:

  • Clinic managers
  • Service companies
  • Product companies

In addition to reducing the number of canceled or not honoured appointments, this tool optimizes the management of any kind of meetings planned by your business.