Remote Working and Integrations

Improve your business communications and remote collaboration.

Remote Working and Integrations

OMNItotal’s broad portfolio of products and services includes several well-known integrated tools to enhance multi-site teamwork and teleworking. The easy integration of these communication modules will allow you to achieve greater efficiency and reduce your facility costs.

Microsoft Teams

In addition to allowing you to make and receive calls via your IP telephony system directly in the application, Microsoft Teams allows:

  • Chatting
  • Virtual meetings
  • Integration with OneNote
  • The ability to send e-mails directly into communication channels
  • And several other indispensable tools

For more information on our Teams packages and their rates, click here.

Zoho CRM

This customer relationship management software allows you to optimize the use of your customer database. It offers tools to help you:

  • Analyze your results
  • Make email campaigns
  • Conduct surveys
  • Schedule clients appointments
  • Etc…

Integrate the OMNItotal phone service with Zoho CRM through PhoneBridge and get access to a complete customer relationship management platform.

Bria from Counterpath

Bria is a professional SIP softphone that works with enterprise VoIP services.

The Bria Enterprise solution includes the Softphone for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms, as well as the Bria Enterprise cloud platform for centralized configuration and implementation of Softphones.

It also gives you access to an advanced notification and analysis service.


This cell phone application makes mobile communications easier while keeping the professional experience of the corporate phone service.

With Callthru, you can reach your customers on the road using your personal cell phone while displaying your business number.

Also, keep in touch with your colleagues easily through an internal extension directory.

Install the application now by going to the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store depending on your device type.


This web phone is designed to ease the work of your company’s employees, whether in the office or at home.

Using WebRTC technology, WebConnect is an intuitive web application that takes the form of a telephone keypad to make and receive telephone calls from the user’s computer.


Let your imagination run wild without compromise with rich, comprehensive and proven APIs that allow you to control the various phone features offered by OMNItotal by programming them yourself.

Optimize your resources and procedures by creating innovative solutions based on APIs that are easy to use, powerful and adapted to your needs.

Connect your preferred CRM/ERP software or platform to your telephone system.

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